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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Thanks for visiting my Republica page!! For all of you that don't know who Republica is, they are a European dance-pop-techno-rock band or as Saffron, the lead singer, says "techno-pop-punk-rock." The group has five members: Saffron is vocals, Tim Dorney as one keyboarder, Andrew "Toddy" Todd as other keyboarder, Johnny Male on guitar, and Dave Sarborossa on drums. This band has just hit the US and is sweeping the nation with their awesome music. There first big hit was Ready To Go, which you here in WNBA commercials for Lisa Leslie and the rest of the big names in the WNBA. Their second big hit was Drop Dead Gorgeous, which was in the movie Scream.

  Although Republica has appeared in many pictures like the ones on my page, Saffron and the rest of the band are actually very camera shy. "It takes us awhile to get comfortable while camera's are on us" says Saffron. Click here,Republica Picture Gallery, to see pics of the band. The weird part is that Saffron said they are not afraid to go on stage in front of thousands and perform.
  I actually got a chance to say "hi" to Saffron and the drumer as they left the studio after the MTV show Loveline. Saffron and the drumer both said "hi" back to me. It was a great experience for me. I have not been to any of their concerts, I would love to go to one, but I heard that in a short while they will start to tour in the United States. Only going to a few big cities at a time.   


  Republica really knows how to write songs and sing them. Each sound they sing is awesome sounding!!! Drop Dead Gorgeous is my favorite song but I love some other ones to. Drop Dead Gorgeous was in the movie Scream like I said above but it was not on the Scream soundtrack. Ready To Go, Bloke, and Out Of The Darkness are my other favs. Click here, Republica's Song Lyrics, to see the lyrics of Ready To Go and Drop Dead Gorgeous. I'll shortly be adding more of the song's lyrics. Click here, Republica's Audio and Video Domain, to see videos and here sound clips from your favorite songs.
 Their CD has the songs: Ready To Go, Bloke, Bitch, Get Off, Picture Me, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Out Of The Darkness, Wrapp, Don't You Ever, Holly, and a mix of Ready To Go.


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